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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the entry requirements of the 𝑖PSLE?
  • Applicants must be at least 11 years old as of 1st January of the examination year. For Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs), they cannot be older than 17 years old as of 1st January of exam year. For non-SCs/SPRs, they cannot be older than 15 years old as of 1st January of exam year; and

  • Applicants are not allowed to sit 𝑖PSLE and GCE/PSLE/AEIS/S-AEIS/SPERS-Sec/SPE in the same examination year. If applicants are found to have registered with GCE/PSLE/AEIS/S-AEIS/SPERS-Sec/SPE, their application to 𝑖PSLE will be rejected and no refund will be made, and the results of their 𝑖PSLE will be nullified and no appeal will be accepted.

2. What are the benefits of taking the 𝑖PSLE?

There are multiple benefits and incentives for students to sit the 𝑖PSLE, including:

  • An alternative pathway to AEIS/S-AEIS for international students seeking secondary 1-3 education in Singapore. International students may find cost savings in sitting the 𝑖PSLE at their local or nearby 𝑖PSLE examination centres instead of travelling to Singapore for the AEIS/S-AEIS examinations.

  • ASEAN Scholarship awarded to exceptional ASEAN nationals for studying in Singapore

  • 𝑖PSLE offers some insight and understanding into the outcome of the applicant's application for secondary one, which may not be possible through the AEIS/S-AEIS

  • Certification of recognition awarded to high-performance individuals

  • Benchmarking against Singapore’s PSLE academic standard


3. Does an 𝑖PSLE certification guarantee the applicant admission into a Singapore mainstream secondary school?

The 𝑖PSLE certification may be used for school admission considerations for international students but does not guarantee the applicant's admission into a Singapore mainstream secondary school. What the 𝑖PSLE does offer, is some insight and understanding into the outcome of the applicant's application for secondary one, which may not be possible through the AEIS/S-AEIS.

4. How does the applicant apply for secondary one placement using the 𝑖PSLE certification?

For international students who have sat 3 or more subjects, including English, Mathematics and Science, in the 𝑖PSLE and obtain a certification, they can submit their iPSLE certificate to in consideration for a place in a Singapore mainstream secondary school. School admission is subject to the availability of vacancies at the point of application, the applicant's iPSLE aggregate score, and the school’s holistic assessment of the applicant which may include achievements and schooling history.

5. What are the 𝑖PSLE examination dates?

Please refer to the examination timetable here.

6. When and how can I register for the 𝑖PSLE examinations?

The 2024 𝑖PSLE registration period is from 26 February to 21 March 2024. Interested applicants should read through the registration procedures and submit an online application here

7. What is the total 𝑖PSLE registration and examination fees?

The total 𝑖PSLE registration fee (including examination fees) per applicant for 3 Subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Science) is S$980.00.

8. Can I select a different combination of subjects for the 𝑖PSLE?

Our examination centre currently offers 3 standard Subjects - English Language, Mathematics, Science without the Chinese Language. Applicants are unable to select any other combination of subjects.

9. When will I receive the 𝑖PSLE examination entry proof?

The confirmation email will be disseminated to all successfully registered applicants in early June of the examination year. It comprises the essential examination information (i.e. reporting time, what to bring etc.) and examination entry proof which candidates must bring along on all applicable examination days.

10. What is the 𝑖PSLE result release period?

The examination results are usually released in November of the examination year and the results will be reported in the form of Achievement Levels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

11. What is the school enrolment period in Singapore?

Typically, successful 𝑖PSLE candidates can be enrolled into a Singapore mainstream secondary school in the following January of the examination year.

12. I am unable to submit the registration fee payment online via Debit/Credit card. What should I do?

Applicants who face technical difficulties in submitting their registration fee payment online should refer to the payment instructions found in their registration acknowledgement email. Alternatively, please contact our helpdesk for assistance.

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