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Exam Results

Important Notes:

Applicants are not allowed to sit 𝑖PSLE and GCE/PSLE/AEIS/S-AEIS/SPERS-Sec/SPE in the same examination year. If applicants are found to have registered with GCE/PSLE/AEIS/S-AEIS/SPERS-Sec/SPE, their application to 𝑖PSLE will be rejected and no refund will be made, and the results of their 𝑖PSLE will be nullified and no appeal will be accepted.

Release of Examination Results

The examination results are usually released in November of the examination year and the results will be reported in the form of Achievement Levels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Result Slip

You will receive your result slip from your examination centre when the examination results are released.

Examination Certificate

You will receive an 𝑖PSLE certificate if you are awarded a grade for at least one 𝑖PSLE subject.

Explanatory Notes

Please click on this link to view what will be shown on the result slip and examination certificate.

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